• Introducing the Agape Blog!

    In the hopes of keeping everyone updated events and happenings here at Agape, we are launching a blog! Watch this space for events of importance here and elsewhere, photos, our take on world events, what’s growing in the Agape garden, what we’re cooking, and more! Stay tuned because next week we’ll share goings-on from our […]

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  • Jahar and Judy

    “Boston Strong” In the immediate aftermath of the Marathon Bombing, I found it nearly impossible socially to say anything openly empathetic towards the Tsarnaev brothers.   When I ventured philosophical or theological thoughts about historical perspective, that this carnage is the outcome of our bombing our way into other countries, or about forgiveness, I sensed from […]

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  • Advent-2015-Agape-Community-D-Roberts-Kirk

    Catholic Lay Community—No Easy Walk to Freedom

    by Brayton Shanley —  Agape is approaching its 34th year. We are dedicating this issue to the joys and sorrows of founding and living in intentional community. This past October our Francis Day theme comprised stories of Christian intentional communities devoted to nonviolence and service to the poor.            Emily Jendzejec, our facilitator for this […]

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  • Paul Lachine

    What is the Future of Nonviolent Community? An Answer in Faith, Hope and Love

     by Michael Baxter — This is a remarkable gathering of friends and families and of communities new and old together with our hosts, the Agape Community. The place to begin to think about the future, as I see it, is to draw on the wisdom of the past, on tradition. I live in a family, […]

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  • Practicing for When Peace Breaks Out

    by Brenna Cussen and Eric Anglada — Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. Our wedding day, October 2, 2010, was much like today – overcast, low fifties, and chilly. Like today, we were surrounded by wonderful people and much joy. The sacrament took place at our local Catholic parish, and the celebration at New Hope […]

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  • I Wanna Roll With These People: Stages of Community

     by Edgar Hayes and Ann Rader              Conception. We became attracted to the idea of community when we were in our teens and early twenties. Edgar experienced Agape Community during a college retreat, which opened his eyes to a whole new way of living out his faith. Among Ann’s influences was […]

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  • Eileen Lawter

    If I Were a Contemporary of Jesus

     by Christopher J. Doucot As an undergrad studying religion with the Jesuits at Holy Cross College I was assigned to write about their radical brother Fr. Daniel Berrigan. Back in the dark ages, before the internet, I was able to find Fr. Dan teaching in Kentucky at Berea College by dialing 411. He graciously took […]

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  • welcoming-the-stranger

    Welcoming the Stranger at Agape

    by Allison Carvalho One month before arriving at Agape I wrote in my journal: “Change is scary. Change is fluid. Change is evident. Change is unexpected.” While I was referring to the ending of my freshman year of college and the subsequent transitions that are bound to happen, I find that this sentiment is just […]

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  • Heavenly Treasure Not Sown

    by David Bittner             In the first few hours at the Hermitage, God showed me a few ways I needed to die to self.  I was hoping for groundbreaking revelations, the accomplishing of a great amount of reading, or for God to deal with a pesky issue.  While being a little “complainy,” God gently chided: “Are […]

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  • Eulogy to Anthony Flaherty

    by Winston Warfield Anthony Flaherty died on July 13, 2015 after suffering a massive and crippling stroke. My relationship with him went beyond being a fellow peace activist. He was my friend, and as close to being a real brother as one can get. We communicated almost every day. We shared our despair at the […]

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