Day: August 14, 2018

News Notes

Ali Mahmood whom we have known since he arrived at Agape for a visit in 2007, graduated from high school, Another Course to College in Hyde Park and will go

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Comments by Iona College students: Class on Sustainability and Community, after a weekend at Agape with Professor Meryl Nadel “I thought the trip removed the classroom atmosphere to the real

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How Am I Ruined for life?

by Matt Carriker I was incredibly grateful to spend much-needed time with a like-minded spiritual community at Agape’s hermitage this July.  I serve as the Protestant Chaplain at Brandeis University

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Another Lesson Learned

by Brayton Shanley It was Sunday afternoon, and we at Agape were hosting students from Harvard Divinity School for the day.  We were having a discussion about nonviolent lifestyle and

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