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Agape Community

Agape Community Update

AUGUST 2023 AGAPE COMMUNITY UPDATE Greetings Dear friends of Agape, We, Suzanne, and Brayton, co-founders of Agape, want to inform you that we have finished our sabbatical time. With the

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Freedom Farm Visit

What do you get when a chicken crosses the road to Freedom Farm? A lively weekend filled to the brim with love and laughter. Ann Rader, as well as their

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Workday 2020 Recap

They came, all five of them, and a new intern, Adam, along with Olivia and Teresa and our handyperson, devoted and ever-present, Mike. Fourteen year old Isaac drove his tractor

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Volunteer Opportunities

Ministry—Simple Living, Sustainability, Peace and Justice, Nonviolence Organize and lead retreat groups in both homestead and reflection activities. Cooking, cleaning , food prep for large groups for College Rural Immersions held

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