Agape Community Update



Greetings Dear friends of Agape,

We, Suzanne, and Brayton, co-founders of Agape, want to inform you that we have finished our sabbatical time. With the grace of God, we are replenished enough to open Agape’s doors once again after 10 months of resting from the rigors of 40 years of Agape ministry and practice.

This 2022-23 sabbatical was not a traditional sabbath with rest and rejuvenation, travel, and pilgrimage. Instead, we spent this time dealing with a family crisis, which necessitated our full focus and energy.

We write in early August, as we begin to resume a daily schedule of prayer, hospitality, and program planning. In these efforts, we endeavor to live the spirit and example of Jesus and other nonviolent saints and prophets.

Joining us in September, are two potential community members who bring a wealth of background and connection to Agape. We are heartened by their stated desires “to serve Agape.” These are welcome words for elder co-founders.



SAT. OCT. 7, 10 AM – 4 PM

Themes include building small, faith communities, with nonviolence, and contemplation in our wounded world. As always, we will pray together and play music together.

We feel enlivened and ready to return to our Agape’s commitment to ecological sustainable stewardship in a world that continues to be torn by war. Relentless bombing in Ukraine pulls in the US, government’s support of our “ally” with weapons and financial support at $44 billion and counting.

Our planet staggers with the ravages of the climate crisis and month’s-long heat of 100 degrees and over. American South and Southwest are becoming unlivable in the deep summer months.


The cost of reopening Agape depends on the largesse of your ongoing financial support, for which we have been ever grateful all these years.

Growing overhead costs of a fully functioning community add up.

· Record rainfall in Massachusetts this summer caused our first flood in the basement of Brigid House.

· This urgency and related plumbing repairs will go beyond $6,000.

No doubt our Agape experience is a small glimpse of how extreme rain can flood our homes and neighborhoods, even in New England.


May the dazzling torrents of white light of the transfiguration of Jesus, remembered in Mass on August 6th, transfigure with nonviolent love, the dark torrents of nuclear weapons.

We remember and repent the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Listen to my Son,” says a voice from this celestial cloud (Matt 17:5).

May we as people of Agape people truly listen to and follow Jesus transfigured. Through His prophetic voice, may we turn from war, fear and violence to hearts disarmed.

Hoping to hear from you and to see you at

Francis Day, Oct. 7, 10 – 4.

Suzanne Belote Shanley

Brayton Shanley, Agape co-founders

Agape Mission Council (photo below)

Send donations/contact Agape: 2062 Greenwich Rd. Hardwick, MA 01082 [email protected] for pay pal

Volunteers always needed, especially in late summer for winter prep. Please call Agape to help!!! 413-967-9369