Category: Servant Song

From Constantine to Ukraine

by Mark Korban It can be difficult to fathom the mindset of the followers of Jesus in the early to mid-fourth century as they gradually abandoned their commitment to the

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Poem: Becoming Jesus

by Brayton Shanley Jesus,If your very being could be reduced to a word, it would be Mercy.Help us to walk in that aura.We are sinking in a sea of revenge

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Oppression Olympics

by Nicole Brathwaite-Hunt My perspective is kind of unique, being a mixed-race person and actively operating in that.  I am not just living from my Indigenous side, but I am

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Indigenous Peoples’ Lead Us

by Brenna Cussen-Anglada The farm I live on in community at St. Isadore Catholic Worker, where towns and the surrounding cities are on the ancestral and traditional lands of the

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