Poem: Becoming Jesus

by Brayton Shanley

If your very being could be reduced to a word, it would be Mercy.
Help us to walk in that aura.
We are sinking in a sea of revenge for lack of Mercy.
Can we forgive those blinded by violence?
Clear our vision to see the precious humanity in the Ukrainians
and Russians alike.
May this Mercy bring them peace that will rescue them from the
desperation of this war.
Your love is a Nonviolent Love.
You loved your executioners unto your death.
Your love starves the fear-driven protection of violence as you
“Bless them that curse you.”
Ignite our nonviolent hearts with yours.
Jesus, your Love is a compassionate Love.
Our sacred earth suffers from the heartless bombs of war.
She groans in the ravages of our greed and the war that protects
our wealth.
Bring us down off the power-wielding pedestal of privilege
to the humble simplicity of powerless love.
Yes, Jesus, we want to sit at your right hand and your left.
As you were willing to die for this Nonviolent Truth,
Embolden us to die for this Truth, for you.