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Michael True, a Tribute

by David O’Brien Michael True, Worcester peacemaker, poet, historian, interfaith organizer, teacher of English and model Worcester citizen is gone. He passed away last week in Minneapolis where he and

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When Great Trees Fall by Maya Angelou Great souls die and our reality, bound to them, takes leave of us. Our souls, dependent upon their nurture, now shrink, wizened. Our

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A Track to the Water’s Edge

by John H Bracey – A lot that has happened since I agreed to speak three months ago.  The topic I gave Agape was an “umbrella” topic…I could make it big or small.  It was called “Working for the Beloved Community In Perilous Times.”

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Listening to the Anguish of Racism

By Brayton Shanley – It all started in 2016 with Donald Trump’s Muslim taunting.  Our Mission Council members were gathered for our winter meeting and the planning our next St. Francis Day when John Paul Marosy, one of our crew asked of our group:  “What is our world going to need by the time we reach October?”

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Are We Contemplative Enough?

by Father Warren Savage – My mother would always say to us, do not forget where you come from. You are a child of God. Titles get in the way. We only should be introduced as children of God.  We all come from a creator who does not have partiality, but who created us in love.

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