by Colleen Shortell

I am appreciative of Agape‚Äôs example of inner peace and mindfulness, despite returning to a high stress environment at Holy Cross.  I have noticed a change in me since spending the week at Agape: a deeper awareness of pockets of peace in my day.

I tend to worry about the future; Agape taught me to live in the present and soak in the beauty of small, special moments

Spending spring break with all of you was one of the special experiences of my life which is far richer now because of your community, wisdom, and commitment.

Some of my classes upon my return have reminded me of all I learned. In my Environmental Sociology class, we spent a day on pipelines being built through Indigenous lands – a perfect reminder of the Standing Rock movie and the unwavering perseverance and nonviolence among these people.  I am grateful for the sense of an amazement I gained at Agape, of love, faith, community, and our Earth.

Colleen Shortell graduated from Holy Cross this spring.