How you can contribute

Event-Community-Project-Building-Porch-3Each year hundreds of committed supporters donate to the mission of Agape which is sustained solely on free will donations.  We send out a fundraiser bi-annually.  We rely on donor support for the work of hospitality, sponsoring numerous events throughout the year.  Our buildings constructed in 1987 need ongoing repair and we depend on donations for the maintenance of our vehicles. We offer hospitality and jobs to the homeless and unemployed, funded by your donations.  Interns, both college age students and adults may need small stipends, which your donation also assists. Please consider including Agape in your will.   
We hope that you will consider supporting the mission of Agape by contributing what you can.  Send a check or money order to:

The Agape Community 2062 Greenwich Rd. Ware, MA 01082

Who Supports Agape?

SM_IMG_8213AgapeOct010-DLegg-200x300Support for the ministry comes at various times from 300 benefactors, individuals, and peace organizations, as well as from the various Catholic Dioceses in Massachusetts and New England for whom Agape offers programs in parishes, schools and colleges, as well as hosting programs on site. Agape has been the recipient of grants from religious orders over the years including Dominican Sisters of Illinois; Sisters of St. Joseph, School Sisters of St. Joseph, Notre Dame Sisters in Massachusetts, to mention a few. Donations and grants have sustained the community in its outreach to inner city youth, including successive years of youth retreats at Agape, which now focus on college age youth, adults in a variety of contexts from peace and justice organizations, to parish, Just Faith groups and others.  Individual support of the community is the lifeblood of its work. Friends of Agape choose to support us with prayer, shared labor, financial sustenance monthly and annually, as well as through outreach and education on life at Agape. Our sustenance consists of donations for hospitality, intern ministry, retreats, workshops, day or week long community service days with colleges, and use of the Hermitage. Please consider a donation: [button style=”btn-default btn-lg” type=”link” target=”false” title=”Donate” link=”” linkrel=””]