The World Made Fresh, Issue No. 1 – Daniel Berrigan Collective

The Word Made Fresh Issue 1 July 11 2023 | PDF Download


Mission Statement We propose an organization… that will promote the person, thought, and legacy of activism of Daniel Berrigan, SJ. that comes out of the tradition promoted by Berrigan in which contemplation, reflection, and study flow into and from community, activism, and resistance. that will provide a space for dialogue between the writings of Daniel Berrigan and contemporary communities of resistance that share his concerns and expand them. that will center the experiences and concerns of women, people of color, younger people, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, the incarcerated, and those who have difficulty finding a voice in academic, religious, and social institutions. that will be as accessible as possible and use a variety of media: writing, art, music, poetry, celebrations, social media. The Daniel Berrigan Collective for Contemplation, Community and Resistance

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