Invocation for the Earth, Saint Francis day at Agape Community 2022 by Katja Esser

Beloved Mother, we have gathered upon you to honor your holy presence.  We stand here in the glory of your colorful dress, that with all its challenges of the growing season, again came to a spectacular completion.  All that sun’s energy stored within now turned outward showing the enlightenment of the tree beings before they all let go and wrap you in a short-lived brocade before it turns to browns and greys providing you with story, data, protection, and memory.  The constant cycle of feeding your soil returning to you that you have given out, for you to collect, sift and sort through.  All this information you gather to continuously fine tune and adjust to expand the next cycle of the body of the divine and have it succeed.  What comes from Source has to return to Source to keep Source replenished so it can give out again and improve. 

We are harvesting the results of failing to feed that what truly feeds us.  With your precious soil washing away, your biome disturbed, we experience the decline in an ecosystem that has not been supported.  Your skin sunburned, depleted, eroded, and dry, with your hair going up in flames, the blood, the trauma, the suffering, and the violent ways, you only show and mirror back what lives within and ultimately you claim everything back into you.  All becomes part of your soil memory as you compost and hold all of it, at times erupting and heaving in wanting to cough it all up.  Continents submerged and mountains formed, all the fissures, all the imprints, held in your bones and ground up dust to continuously feed and transform, adding to the story. 

We are here to remember your sacred ways as our beloved Mother in support of life.  The more we know you, the more abundant we are.  The more we listen, pay attention to you, notice that you continuously communicate to us by example, and mimic you, the more we come into balance with you, be an asset to you, feel your support, the more grateful we become as we experience your deep intelligence.  Thank you, Mother for your holy presence in which you have been holding us through it all.  Your love has been behind it all, it is for us to feel it and remember who we truly are as divine children here to expand the light upon you.  And so, it is!  Honey in the heart 13 thank yous.

Katja praying for the Earth, photo by David Legg