Holy Cross Rural Immersion 2022: Experiencing and Exploring Sustainable Living

A wonderful group of Holy Cross students participated in Agape’s rural immersion program from March 5 to the 11th. They chose to use their spring break to learn about sustainable living and engaged with enthusiasm in the work it requires. This included splitting, hauling and stacking wood, preparing compost for the garden, and pruning trees. In addition, they helped with meal preparation and doing the dishes. Other aspects of sustainability and community life were explored during the week as well. Presentations and conversations focused on our relationship with the natural world, eco-feminism, mindfulness, nonviolence, social justice, veganism, and systemic racism. The group also participated in daily prayer services each morning. They offered readings related to the themes being explored and freely shared their thoughts and prayers. Early Friday morning, Brayton led the group on a silent walk to an expansive vista overlooking the waters of the Quabbin Reservoir.   Later, during the closing circle the group presented Brayton and Suzanne with an expression of their gratitude, a large rock with their names and the words, “ At H.C. we’re taught how to be a person for & with others. Thank you for showing us how to be a person for & with all of creation.” What a beautiful expression of the truth that sustainable living involves more than how we provide for our own human needs.