Felipe Witchger Visits Agape

Felipe Witchger is a long-time friend of Agape who participated in the first group of graduate students ten years ago, who comprised what they called themselves, The Creatively Maladjusteds. Felipe’s wife, Casey, went to Notre Dame, where they met. Casey was here for an internship sometime in her junior year. She was an animator and was a light of great energy in the community. Felipe hiked the trail behind St. Francis House daily and stayed in the Agape hermitage. He ate meals with Agape interns and co-founders, with many great discussions about what it means to be a Catholic in today’s world. He fit right into the natural rhythm of Agape; engaging in morning and evening meditation and prayer, and taking the time to get to know the interns and their passions. Felipe and Casey have fascinating ministries which you can read about if you google their names. Casey, for example, is working on women’s diaconate movements within the church. We loved having Felipe with us over the past few days and the many guests who are coming. Call if you might want to visit Agape too.

Felipe and the interns in the garden. From left to right: Felipe, Mallory, Katya, and Louisa.

Felipe, Brayton, and Dixon outside St. Francis House

Felipe and Brayton