Visit with Bobby and Jim

From left to right: Louisa (the newest Agape intern), Dixon, Katya, Jim, Brayton, Suzanne, Mallory (intern), Olivia (Brayton and Suzanne’s granddaughter), and Bobby.

This past Friday, June 19th, Agape was thrilled to welcome both Bobby Karle SJ, newly ordained Jesuit, and Jim Robinson, long-time member of Agape’s Mission Council (Advisory Board) for their weekend visit. They arrived mid-afternoon with bright smiles and open arms filled with joy and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The hustle and bustle of community life at Agape was in full bloom by late afternoon as Katya and Jim prepared for their Zoom event titled “Caring for Creation: Spirituality and Veganism.” Dixon and the interns prepared homemade pizza and distributed slices as quickly as they could. After dinner on the screened-in porch, everyone dashed to their designated rooms for the Zoom discussion. Katya, Jim, and Jeanelle facilitated an engaging and thought-provoking conversation complete with powerful talks intersecting Christianity and empathy for other beings, as well as breakout rooms to unpack gained knowledge with others in small groups. On Saturday, Bobby led an early morning yoga session. Brayton, the interns, and Jim found themselves breathing deeply in an array of positions ranging from downward dog to the pigeon pose stretch. All the while, the frogs croaked and the birds sang sweetly in the surrounding verdant oasis of Agape. As the yoga session came to an end, feeling relaxed with our minds and hearts at peace, the whole group made their way to the chapel. Bobby led a beautiful service which was no doubt enriching and heart warming  for all in attendance. As this was Bobby’s first official visit to Agape, it was wonderful to have him lead us in prayers calling for gratitude and greater compassion for all. By late-morning, it was time to say goodbye to Jim and Bobby. Their presence will be missed but the light they brought to Agape this weekend enriched us all. We are so grateful for our thought-provoking conversations and as well as the laughter we all shared.