The Splendor of Now – poem by Barry Winkelman

Surrender to the splendor of the now

Surround yourself with love’s serenity

Suspend disbelief just for the moment

Find peace within the chapel of your heart

Part the narrow furrow of your thinking

Seeding the same row every spring season

Sow a different plot of untilled land

Tie a bow in reason’s linear ribbon

Look out the window at the full blue moon

Resonating through rectangular panes

And Mars to the right, forlorn, reddish bright,

Polyptych painting, a cloudless night sky

With other pray-ers alone in the room

Once in a lifetime, moment of many,

Meditating in silence together

Then chanting the single syllable: Om

Seek oneness with God through closed eyelids

Feel the warmth of the woodstove fireplace

Incense smoke wafts your olfactory sense

Transports you where you belong, which is here

Barry Winkelman

Barry Winkelman, Brayton’s close friend from high school, spent a month at Agape in the fall, “finding what he wasn’t looking for.”