In Memoriam

Patricia Shanley. Brayton’s sister, died on April 22, 2020 of cancer.  Since the inception of Agape in 1982, Trish was a generous supporter of the community and a friend to many Agape folks.  A stalwart advocate for Christian Nonviolence and the social justice values of Agape and the reform movement within the Catholic Church, Call to Action, she was also active in the cause to abolish the Death Penalty.  She joined with Agape in the successful five-year campaign to help Billy Neal Moore gain commutation from Georgia’s Death Row in 1990, as well being a regular participant in the Little Compton, RI peace vigil.  A loyal and loving sister, faithful friend and family member, Trish will be deeply missed.  Rest in Peace, Trish. 

Katie Flaherty:  Katie was an avid supporter of her brother, Tony Flaherty, the former Marine, whose energy and tireless devotion to peace, thrust him into the role, with Katie’s assistance, of the convenor of the annual St. Patrick’s Day, alternative Peace March, by Veterans for Peace, of which they were both members.  VFP members were not allowed to march in the official parade because of their commitment to peace.  Katie last visited Agape when we planted a tree at Agape in Tony’s honor and in honor of VFP after his death several years ago.  Katie and Tony are guiding us still in our march for peace and nonviolence.

Jane Petrella:  The mother Mission Council member, Teresa Wheeler, and grandmother of new Mission Council member, Jeanelle Wheeler, Jane was the Petrella matriarch who paved the way for the Christ-centered commitment to neighborhood restoration in Worcester, initiating solar energy projects and countless other devotions to the cause of peace.  Jane graced Agape with a visit shortly before her death, and her radiant face shone in all of its usual splendor.