David Tall Pine White

We will teach our Indigenous Ways

At the University of the Wild”

David “Tall Pine” White, Nipmuc Language Keeper

Special Message from the University of the Wild at Earthlands in Petersham, MA, on the passing of David Tall Pine White, Nipmuc Language Keeper, cultural protector, educator, and wise counsel.

           On Thursday, April 16th just before midnight, one of the great Nipmuc Wisdom and Language Keepers, David Tall Pine White transitioned to the World of Spirit after a long and courageous warrior’s battle with cancer.  David was the Nipmuc Language Keeper, Spiritual Leader, and a well-known public spokesperson and activist for Native American Rights and for Nipmuc Tribal sovereignty.

The Earthlands, University of the Wild, co-founder, Larry Buell, was a close friend of David and Earthlands where, as Larry writes: David served on the Earthlands/IEA Board of Directors for years, and was the primary visionary for the Nipmuc Cultural and Education Center that will be located on original Nipmuc land in the Nichewaug (Earthlands) region of Petersham.

Please contact Larry Buell and Earthlands for information about the ceremony to honor David in Petersham at: [email protected] and check the Agape Website for more information.