Dialog on Abortion Your letter is truly written in the spirit of St. Francis. You laid to rest my concerns that Agape ignores the scourge of abortion on the unborn, women, and all of society. As you well know, violence has a ripple effect, diminishing the sanctity of all human life. I am so grateful that you raise the issue in your memoir. Kathy Swegart The Relevance of Nonviolence Agape’s uncompromising commitment to knowing, loving, and serving the risen Christ in the Spirit and Truth of Jesus’ Gospel Nonviolent Love brings hope and light to a Church and world in need of renewal. Cynics can no longer dismiss Gospel Nonviolence as “unrealistic” “impractical” and a mere “option” to choose. Agape’s love reminds us all about the realistic, practical necessity of Gospel nonviolence in helping to build a 21st century world of peace, justice, harmony, and ecological well-being to ALL of God’s children. Dave Sepe Witness to the Kingsbay Plowshare 7 Trial I saw film of defendants in a “limited area” where they could be shot. As the bolt cutters snipped away, Liz unfurled a banner as the three began reciting the Hail Mary. The audience joined in, quietly but audibly, allowed to continue multiple times around. An atmosphere of prayer and communion across time and space sprang up amid the legal proceedings, almost surreptitiously. Eric Martin Words from the Texas Border I am a bit “wiped out” this evening, helping our guests to fill out the forms that proved that they had the necessary papers to travel. A bus load of guests from Mexico and Guatemala, followed by the second bus load of 46 guests from Brazil was quite challenging. One mother was here with three children with a 24 year old son allowed to come with her by ICE because he has the mental capacity of a young child. From the El Paso blog of long-time friend and supporter, Fr. Joachim Lally, CSP who spent weeks with migrants let out of detention so that they can be with their families while they await an asylum hearing Postcard from Kingsbay Plowshare Defendant We benefitted from your and others’ prayerful support. Congratulations on 37th Anniversary. The jury took two hours, mostly filling out 28 sheets of Guilty on 4 charges. May God bless us in yourself. Steve Kelly SJ: Steve remains in prison at the Glynn County Detention Center in Georgia as six other defendants have been released on bail or personal recognizance. Please google Kingsbay Plowshare jail correspondence to get specific information for writing cards to Steve as specific regulations must be followed. Preparing Our Children for the Future The visit with you and the Agape community on St. Francis Day was one of the most marvelous experiences of my life. I was subdued, inspired, humbled…and much more. You may recall that in my first moments of visiting Agape, in that magnificent circle of the faith-filled, I shared that I was at Agape to learn and ponder and decide how to write about the critical importance of building community as the most important way we prepare our children for the future. It was also clear from many things Steve and Nancy told me, and from the entire weekend where so much responsibility had been passed on to the younger folks, that Agape is very conscious that some kind of community transformation was needed to prepare for the future. Ken Whitt, friend of Steve and Nancy James, author, pastor and community member from Ohio.