Loving Life on the Margins • the story of the Agape community

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40 years of Community, Resistance, Nonviolence and Sustainability Read Loving Life on the Margins: The Story of the Agape Community available now from Haleys The book covers the life of its co-founders, Suzanne Belote Shanley and Brayton Shanley, together with Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy and Steve and Nancy James. Read about the community beginnings with the McCarthy family in Brockton, MA, to the current Agape location on 34 acres of land in the Quabbin Reservoir watershed in Hardwick, MA, where efforts at sustainability include two buildings with total solar energy and hot water, as well as a straw bale house with a compost toilet and a large organic garden. Hear from former interns and members of the extended Agape community as hundreds of people journeyed to Agape to build both residences and a hermitage behind the main residence, Francis House. From college retreats, immersions and internships, to six major events a year, including and annual Francis Day, Agape members have loved living on the margins, though not without struggle and failure. This book is an excellent primer on alternative living, nonviolence and sustainability for high school, college and graduate students as well as peace communities and sustainability communities to ecological responsiblity.

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Book Cover Photo —Skip Schiel, steadfast confidante, photo-journalist, whose record of Agape events comprises a stunning tribute to his artistry and the community’s collective memory since the beginning of our tenure in Hardwick and years before these Agape days; Skip wants us to tell you can reach him at[email protected]