On the Side of God, Light and Justice

Edgar Hayes

by Edgar Hayes A wonderful start to the conversation of race in America–the day, music, panelists, food, attendees were all wonderful at Francis Day. Yet, it only scratched the surface. Its seedling is just bursting forth from the earth.  One day, it will produce Godly abundance. For me, to keep the conversation within the realm of religious is key to its dismantling. It will never be reached pragmatically, metaphysically, existentially, and definitely not politically.  To say that racism and it’s systemic outreach is antithetical to God, to the teaching of Jesus Christ is important. The devil loves division, death, hatred, bigotry, sexism, etc., so what side do you choose? The side of God, life, light, and justice for all, or the other side?  Even if you say you don’t believe, would you choose pain, suffering, and division over love, social uplift, and creation? The conversation will be sad, painful, loud, soul-splitting, excruciating, exhausting. But it will produce fruit in keeping with repentance. Edgar Hayes, co-Founder, Freedom Farm, Agape’s sister community in Middletown, NY, member of Agape’s Mission Council