It’s Not Easy Living with the Truth

by Ruth Bass Green

The experience on October 6, at Agape will stay in my heart and mind forevermore.

I was challenged in more ways than I’d hoped

Never did I think I’d be enhanced by the sage smoke

Nor the panelist and the topics they shared

Which was no joke

No joke to hear the truth

As I heard that day

The truth that changed the way I think

Me, an African American Woman with the desire to be

A living example of royalty

Oh Lord it’s not easy living with the truth

And what role I will take to make it work

I pray for the strength that allows me to say,

To speak my mind

And to do what I may

To let truth of social justice

Be the guide

To let my light shine

So others will see

The light of God

As it shines in me

I now know more than ever

To let hate go and let love grow

So that as a human being

I’ll feel the powerful source of energy

That leads to peace, harmony and love

For all creatures

Great and small

And the environment that we

Must protect to save us all

  Ruth Bass Green, musician, teacher, leads group singing for social justice groups locally and nationally.