Courage to Change

by Brenna Cussen I was beyond impressed that Agape was willing to dive into such a difficult and necessary issue. The diversity of the speakers, musicians, and prayer leaders were a testament not only to the relevance of the topic, but also to Agape’s reputation and dedication to building relationships. How important it was to begin and end the day with ceremony and reflections from Worcester’s Native community, recognizing that the event took place on occupied land. As one of the only white speakers, I recognized how incredibly important it is for me, and white people in general, to continue to do our own work learning about structural racism in this country, ¬†how it has harmed us and how it has devastated other communities – despite how uncomfortable it may be for us. For too long our privilege has blinded us to the gross reality of our own history and present, and it is encouraging that so many are willing to be challenged to change.   Brenna Cussan Anglada, co-founder of the St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm in Wisconsin, is learning how to dismantle white supremacy within the movement.