Holy Cross Rural Immersion 2018

The week after Francis Day, Agape facilitated a Rural Immersion for six students from Holy Cross. Intern Aria and Mission Council member Sam assisted for the four days. Following the tradition of Holy Cross Agape Rural Immersions before them, this group stacked nearly a season’s worth of wood in Francis House, Brigid House, and the Hermitage in mere days, something that would take weeks with three full-time residents. Thanks for the reminder that a “Many hands make light work” mentality is key to community life! Students further helped Agape by preparing compost and storing dried herbs. When not bonding over washing dishes or befriending snakes and salamanders found during wood stacking, the group participated in discussions on nonviolence, social media, vegetarianism/ veganism, and Eco-feminism. They drummed and read poems before afternoon meals. Suzanne followed up a screening of “Awake: A Dream of Standing Rock” on Thursday night with a discussion and David Legg’s slideshow from 2017’s Francis Day on Friday night. Brayton’s time-honored meditative walk to the Quabbin remained silent despite the distraction of a long flooded stretch, which a few students who had boots dealt with on the talkative way back by offering piggy-back rides to those in less-waterproof footwear. Later that night, they enjoyed a bonfire. Singing “Hallelujah” at prayer was a highlight of the final morning, along with creating and sharing artwork inspired by the Immersion and by Wendell Berry’s “Words”. Many thanks to a funny, reflective, and hardworking group. Hover mouse over any photo to read its caption OR click on any photo to go into slideshow mode.