Everything Is Real Customer Appreciation Day

Allah Mathematics Allah is the founder and main barber for the Everything is Real Barbershop at 182 Dudley Street, Roxbury.  Here are photos and reflections on Everything is Real Customer Appreciation Day, July, 2018. Brayton and Suzanne have known Allah since he was seven, and his sisters Julie and Chele who were also at the Appreciation Day, since they were five and three respectively. The Appreciation Day was a unique experience as we seldom get to mingle and socialize with an almost totally African-American group of sisters and brothers. Allah surprised and thrilled Suzanne when he gave her a gold circle which meant that she was to receive a bouquet of roses and a plaque to honor her, along with all African-American sisters because, in Allah’s words (paraphrased):  “Suzanne has known me since I was a little boy.  She was like a mother to me when I was seven and through the years.  She is a true Peace Warrior.  She and her husband Brayton are my family and I want to honor what they did for me today.” Suzanne was stunned, and with heart full, received her gift of roses and with Allah’s arm around her shoulders, felt that if this was the last moment of her life, it would be a holy one.