Peace and Prayer Honor Us by Hawk Looks Far

To sum up what I took from St. Francis Day at Agape would be the word powerful, a strong and fitting word to describe how we as Native people were honored by the presence of spiritual beings, highly respected individuals in our culture. We were honored by being in such a natural and pure setting, with a warm feel and world class hospitality. We were honored by the peace, prayer and people who surrounded us.

For hundreds of years Indigenous Peoples of this continent have faced extreme prejudice, hardship, and as an overall culture, genocide. In my eyes, the people of Agape and the public who surrounded us on October 7th, were some of the most amazing people I have witnessed at an indigenous event.

Unlike a powwow, this event didn’t have “entertainment” aspect, but was a gathering of wisdom and teachings from respected elders of various cultures. People demonstrated open minds and hearts, a willingness to participate in some of our prayer and ceremony, and most of all respect, and that, in my eyes, is amazing.

People came together of their free will as human beings to listen and understand, showing compassion, support, and prayer. We are all related, we all are put on this Mother Earth to take care of her for future generations. That’s what Standing Rock is about–prayer camps.

Our mother earth was being disrespected, polluted; and our first medicine, water, was being threatened. So natives came together to form the camps. But then the most amazing thing happened.  People from all over the country and the world came to answer the call! So many cultures, races, identities, but ultimately one people of this earth, joined together for peace and prayer.

If more of the world could witness what I did at this Agape event and community, and other events like it across the country, this world would be a very different place.  Keep an open heart.  Standing Rock is everywhere.  Mni wiconi

“Shé:kon í:non iewatkáhthos kahrhakón:ha iónkiats”  from Mohawk: “Greetings, my name is Hawk Looks Far”