Stonehill in the Spring

Just recently, in the beautiful spring weather, Agape had the pleasure of hosting a memorable group of Stonehill College for the 8th consecutive year for a Rural Immersion. Gathered around the GO GREEN priusUpon arriving, the tour of our community would strike up interests in the environmental majors and foreign majors alike, which would later be discussed in a meeting with peace activist, Hatti Nestel, about Pipelines all around the country. We all experienced the moving film Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock, which further deepened our understanding of the massive debate on the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the movements that are sprouting across the nation.

During their stay, the students from Stonehill had also felt what it was like to keep the sustainability of a non-violent community possible- getting heavy timbers ready for firewood, turning the land and  sowing the seeds for our garden here!

We just planted a tree for Stonehill! Everyone grab a shovel!  Look at those beautiful greens! They make everyone smile.Over the week, we had pruned the trees and planted a new one, just for Stonehill! After all that hard work, it was nice to unwind thanks to Lynne Smith and her Qi Gong session & finish the night with a gathering of music around the campfire.