Responses to Francis Day: Listening to MuslimVoices in an Election Year, 2016

Mohammad Saleem Bajwa, 

Islamic Society of Western Mass

Members of The Islamic Society of Western MA, participated in the educational, enjoyable and very productive program that was in line with the great story of St. Francis, and the Sultan, Malik-al-Kamil.  (The Saint and the Sultan by Paul Moses– little known nonviolent meeting between St. Francis of Assisi and Islamic leader Sultan Malik Al-Kamil with strong resonance in today’s divided world.) 

Warmth flowed not only from the burning wood fire, but from all the organizers and the participants, gathered for the noble cause of peace, love and compassion for faiths.

Claire Schaeffer Duffy, St. Therese and Francis Catholic Worker, Worcester, MA

I felt the spirit of St. Francis so strongly, touched by those young people singing and praying so sincerely with deep appreciation from our Muslim brothers and sisters, as if interfaith communion were very rare for them.

Chris Nauman, poet, Musician.  New CD is entitled: “Better Angels” at

One of my favorite St. Francis Days ever – and I am blessed to to know all the folks I have come to know through Agape, like Rachel and Alicen my musical partners and friends.

Patricia Ferrone

The speakers were phenomenal as were the beaming faces as we prayed together at the closing ceremony. Humanity somehow holds a Christic consciousness, even if not named as such. “Enemies” become friends. Walls fall down, our shattered hearts mend enough to keep on with the work.

Eleanor Maclellan

The Muslim attendees were so gracious and seemed genuinely glad to be with us. I had not realized how much prejudice they experience in this country, even before the rise of Isis.

Nadia Alawa, founder, NuDay Syria

What a wonderful and inspiring day at Agape and so beautiful to meet people who believe in humanity and who come out to build bridges and share common bonds of love and to engage people in NuDay Syria’s work and the plight of our Syrian sisters and brothers and their children.

Ahmad Al-Haddidi

Every year we gather on Saint Francis Day to promote peace and oppose war while we reflect on our life of work and non-violence, emphasizing what we love to do but also celebrating different backgrounds and traditions, especially in this time of warmongering and alienation.

Dr. Hisham Moharram

Thank you for hosting me in your home and for inviting me to this much appreciated event to hear Muslim voices in these troubled times. Your gracious hospitality and your friendship are highly valued. May The Almighty bless you and your community’s efforts for peace building amongst our faith communities.  I would like to host the  Agape community at Good Tree Farm and make an earnest effort to contact Cat Stevens with the hope that he could attend next year.

May peace be with you (Assalamu alaikum)