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  • agape workday volunteers

    Workday 2020 Recap

    They came, all five of them, and a new intern, Adam, along with Olivia and Teresa and our handyperson, devoted and ever-present, Mike. Fourteen year old Isaac drove his tractor here with his grandfather, and the day was full of distancing bliss. We are so grateful…second set to come… Agape team

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  • David Tall Pine White

    “We will teach our Indigenous Ways At the University of the Wild” David “Tall Pine” White, Nipmuc Language Keeper Special Message from the University of the Wild at Earthlands in Petersham, MA, on the passing of David Tall Pine White, Nipmuc Language Keeper, cultural protector, educator, and wise counsel.  

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  • Stations of the Cross of Nonviolence in a Pandemic

    Background Information: Stations of the Cross of Nonviolent Love at Boston’s Statehouse since 1984 For over 30 years representatives of The House of Peace, Sisters of St. Anne, Agape Community and Pax Christi, MA have gathered at Boston’s Statehouse to read Stations of the Cross of Nonviolence which embrace the

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  • God and the Ego Mind in a Pandemic

    God and the Ego Mind in a Pandemic by Brayton Shanley Novel Corona Virus has spread from Wuhan China to 198 countries and territories around the world, an invisible disease, a soundlessly moving wildfire.  It could have been a bat that infected a human, but it is like no other

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  • Agape Legacy/Lineage Book Tour: Loving Life on the Margins: The Story of the Agape Community

    With our plans for an ongoing travel with Agape’s new book, Loving Life on the Margins: The Story of the Agape Community, we named the tour, “The Agape Legacy Book Tour: 42 Years of Building Nonviolent ” and kicked off the late winter, into spring phase of the tour on

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  • Advent Evening 2019

    Around forty people joined us for this year’s Advent Evening celebration. With song and chant throughout the evening, we stood in silence around the advent fire, witnessed a roleplay of the recent Amazon Synod and shared prayers in the living room, and meditated on sacred objects in the chapel. We

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  • The Marvelous Did Happen (Servant Song of Winter 2020 is Released!)

    What follows is the front page of this most recent Servant Song. To find the rest, click here for a pdf version or explore them on the website by clicking here. The Marvelous Did Happen by Suzanne Belote Shanley “…it was/flame and song and granted us/joy, we thought we’d do,

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Founded in 1982, The Agape Community is a lay Catholic residential community located on 32-acres of woodlands in Central Massachusetts.

The Agape vision is an alternative vision of peace with the Earth and its inhabitants through deeply sustainable practices, public witness, and advocacy for a world that is carbon threatened.

Ecumenical and interfaith in outreach and practice, we focus on daily prayer, evangelical simplicity, and nonviolent witness in the world.

Members of the community engage in actions against war, peace vigils, and non-cooperation with institutional and eco-violence. We attempt to bring an integrated vision of peace, social justice, and eco-theology to our gospel based nonviolent practice.