Agape at a Glance

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    Will Agape Enter the Next Axial Age? by Brayton Shanley

    “Have you ever heard of Wayne Teasdale?” I asked newly arrived Matt Riddle, an intern in his late twenties. I was pointing to a photograph of Wayne and Bede Griffiths, Benedictine monk who went to India as an experiment in Hindu Christian community. In the photo, Bede was celebrating a

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    Breathe Deep the Absurdities of the Day – by Brayton Shanley

    Often, when I looked into Dan Berrigan’s deep-souled eyes, I could sense the pain of the world. The phrase that captures this is Paul’s letter to the Corinthians: “When I am weak, I am strong.” In the early 1990’s, Suzanne and I met with a group of peacemakers including Dan,

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    Now That You Are Gone: Memories of Daniel Berrigan, SJ, by Suzanne Shanley

    Now That You Are Gone: Memories of Daniel Berrigan, SJ by Suzanne Shanley For months we expected word of Daniel Berrigan’s death. Because he was both a mentor and spiritual guide, Dan’s passing was on my mind. Several weeks before he died I sent him a birthday card, a small,

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    Living Community: Call, Covenant and Change by Suzanne Shanley

    In my prayer, I try to imagine Jesus speaking to me as he spoke to Saint Paul, saying “Take Courage.”  (Acts 23:11)  This visualization consoles and challenges simultaneously.  On the one hand, I know that I must live tenaciously and I will have God’s support; on the other, I have

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    Beautiful Summer and Peace Walk in Boston

    This summer, Agape was invited to a peace rally titled: “Boston Remembers”, organized by the Massachusetts Peace Action group ( In Boston, hundreds of social justice seekers gathered to remember those who were taken from us in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and most recently, the people involved in shootings

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    Summer Heat and Tasty Treats

    This summer is hot, hot, hot, but this does not bring our hopes down at Agape. Not even this drought, the worst drought New England has seen, can dampen our spirits. We want to thank everyone who comes to help our community! We have welcomed many interns including Chelsea, Libbie,

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    The Paulist Center and Boston College Visit Agape

    A few weeks ago, Agape was blessed to host a great group of teens from the Paulist Center for a retreat, along with some parents. The Paulist Center is a welcoming Catholic community in Boston that works for justice and healing. This was the first time Agape had hosted teens for

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  • In-depth position description

    Vision and Values of the Agape Community since 1982: “We live in the urgencies of the 21st century. At Agape we seek to create and to preserve a morally coherent life in fidelity to our faith and to the calling of people of all faiths. While grounded in the practice

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Founded in 1982, The Agape Community is a lay Catholic residential community located on 32-acres of woodlands in Central Massachusetts.

The Agape vision is an alternative vision of peace with the Earth and its inhabitants through deeply sustainable practices, public witness, and advocacy for a world that is carbon threatened.

Ecumenical and interfaith in outreach and practice, we focus on daily prayer, evangelical simplicity, and nonviolent witness in the world.

Members of the community engage in actions against war, peace vigils, and non-cooperation with institutional and eco-violence. We attempt to bring an integrated vision of peace, social justice, and eco-theology to our gospel based nonviolent practice.