Volunteer at Agape: A Unique Rural Living Experience

Sustainable Living at Agape

When human beings live in harmony with the earth, we uphold the sanctity of all life. Because we want to sustain this life into the next generations, we seek to live a wholesome life that sustains itself.

Stand up for Peace! Sign on to our letter protesting the exclusion of Veterans for Peace from the Boston St. Patricks Day Parade.

We the undersigned represent a number of peace organizations across the religious spectrum, interfaith and ecumenical, who wish to express our deep concern about the grave injustice, disrespect and clear discrimination against veterans who are voices of peace, through their exclusion from Veterans for Peace from Boston’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Seeking Volunteers & Interns!

If you are looking for a meaningful experience of a wilderness watershed area in the woods of MA…if you want to learn about nonviolence and join with other college age young people undergrad and grad who want to learn how to live more sustainably…if you want to till the soil, compost, learn about vegetarian eating, meditate, practice yoga and practice eco-spirituality…then Agape is the place for you…

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Founded in 1982, The Agape Community is a lay Catholic residential community. Ecumenical and interfaith in outreach and practice, we focus on daily prayer, evangelical simplicity, and nonviolent witness in the world. The Agape vision is an alternative vision of peace with the Earth and its inhabitants through deeply sustainable practices, public witness, and advocacy for a world that is carbon threatened. Members of the community engage in actions against war, peace vigils, and non-cooperation with institutional and eco-violence. We attempt to bring an integrated vision of peace, social justice, and eco-theology to our gospel based nonviolent practice.