• News Notes

    Ali Mahmood whom we have known since he arrived at Agape for a visit in 2007, graduated from high school, Another Course to College in Hyde Park and will go on to Bunker Hill College in the fall.  Photo: Ali on the left; his father Sabah Kader, middle; friend Mounirou,

  • Excerpt from a remembrance of Paul Hood

    by Jo Connelly It was 1983 and I was at Friends Meeting at Beacon Hill, having just settled into worship Sunday morning, when a man with a Quaker-looking beard stood up and gave a message about feeding the hungry and nonviolently fighting for peace with such love that I had

  • Jeanelle Wheeler: Agape Lifer Graduates from Brown

    by Brayton Shanley and Suzanne Belote Shanley Jeanelle has been coming to Agape since her mother Teresa Wheeler carried her here in her womb.  Teresa has been a regular volunteer since the early 1990s and served The Agape Mission Council since 1992.  Twenty-six years of service! One of the greatest

  • Voices

    Comments by Iona College students: Class on Sustainability and Community, after a weekend at Agape with Professor Meryl Nadel “I thought the trip removed the classroom atmosphere to the real world.”  “The location was really beautiful and helped relieve some stress.” “A close knit community within a short amount of

  • How Am I Ruined for life?

    by Matt Carriker I was incredibly grateful to spend much-needed time with a like-minded spiritual community at Agape’s hermitage this July.  I serve as the Protestant Chaplain at Brandeis University and as Pastor at Agape Spiritual Community in Waltham (similar vision to Agape’s though different in expression).  Life in ministry

  • Paul Hood, Wounded and Triumphant Wisdom Keeper (1926-2017)

    by Dinah Starr A vivid picture in my mind is that of Brayton Shanley standing with Paul Hood under the portico of the Cambridge Friends Meeting.  It was 1979. Paul invited me to join a Bible study group focusing on peace, the start of a journey which would change my

  • White Supremacy, Christian Supremacy, and the Need to Change Our Lives

    Jim Robinson Behind the altar of the Agape chapel, a driftwood cross twists around the icon of Christ Pantocrator. The 6th century writer of this icon depicts Jesus as the ruler of the universe, conveying his power not with a crown, or glistening jewels, or any of the other accoutrements

  • Another Lesson Learned

    by Brayton Shanley It was Sunday afternoon, and we at Agape were hosting students from Harvard Divinity School for the day.  We were having a discussion about nonviolent lifestyle and simplicity as I was describing some of the physical toil that goes into a life choice of operating a rural

  • Reflection From Visitor Marjorie Corbman

    Jim Robinson brought his friend and fellow Fordham PhD candidate, Marjorie Corbman, to Agape in late July. The two of them delighted the community with kale salad and crispy tofu! Marjorie offered this poem to the community as a reflection on the half week she spent at Agape:   Prayer

  • Everything Is Real Customer Appreciation Day

    Allah Mathematics Allah is the founder and main barber for the Everything is Real Barbershop at 182 Dudley Street, Roxbury.  Here are photos and reflections on Everything is Real Customer Appreciation Day, July, 2018. Brayton and Suzanne have known Allah since he was seven, and his sisters Julie and Chele