• Reflection at the Reservoir By Anthony Yakley

    It was grey and cold that morning walking up to the Quabbin Reservoir. We progressed in perfect silence, a walking meditation. It was only when we reached the reservoir itself that I broke the silence with a hushed “Wow”. In front of me, spanned miles upon miles of placid water,

  • Thee Days without Technology by Matthew Dyer

    The Elms College Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams spent three days at the Agape Community in late August, put together through the assistance of Elms College Campus Ministry for a combination of reflection, community service, and team bonding, all while learning about sustainable living and living in peace. Morning

  • Hermitage Time By Jerrod Oltman

    The Hermitage is slow time. It’s a time that isn’t rushed. There are no clocks to check every five seconds, nor are there errands to run and food to cook all the time. There is just you and God and whatever emotional and spiritual baggage you decided to drag up

  • In Memoriam – Bob Solari

    In Memoriam: Bob Solari died on November 9th, after a long siege with Parkinson’s disease, and residence in a Worcester nursing home. Bob gave himself tirelessly to the Agape Community, in ways too numerous to count, but included great acts of humility–wiping dishes, cleaning floors, chopping and freezing vegetables. Bob

  • Leaving Agape – Returning to Haiti

    By Nancy James – Steve and I had been invited to speak about the work in Haiti, at a gathering of Massachusetts Baptist Churches in Leominster during the month of October and took advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the Agape Community life. It was wonderful to

  • Poetry Corner

    My Hometown Is a town overwhelmed With infirmity Destruction And construction Weeping on the past And full of afflictions In its day In its night But we all know what happened We all know what’s happening And we all know the problem We hear the same story In the morning

  • Staff Leader Reflection on Entering Into the Unknown

    By Meghan deCarvalho – As a social worker in Counseling services at Stonehill College, small Catholic liberal arts colleges in New england, the main duties of my job are to provide individual one on one counseling to undergraduate students, to assist students as they cope and adjust to college and life

  • Michael Boover Book Review

    MICHAEL BOOVER, Member of Annunciation House of Worcester and Sacred Heart/Saint Catherine of Sweden Parish. He is also a part-time chaplain at the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, an urban farmer, and a long-time Catholic Worker. Brayton Shanley has written a magnificent book about love in all it manifestations. It

  • What is Happening to the Moment?

    Peter Matthiessen, recently deceased, was a writer and Zen practitioner. He expressed a reluctance to write about his experiences because it was the nature of Zen to depend on the immediacy and spontaneity of the present moment. His point brought into sharp contrast what is happening to this present moment

  • On The Road— Our Book Tour East Coast to West

    When Brayton’s newly minted book arrived with its shiny flame-design cover and inspiring endorsements on the back, it was a “break open the champagne” moment. For years, Brayton and I weighed the costs in time and energy of writing a book, while leading a full community life with the accompanying