• Comments from Iona College

    Here’s what students from Iona College had to say about their retreat in April: “This is the only extended field trip I’ve ever been on at Iona and I wish professors did more activities like this one that removes the classroom atmosphere to apply it to the real world.”  

  • Iona College Rural Immersion

    This post comes a few months after the fact due to a combination of Brayton and Suzanne’s writing sabbatical earlier this year, transitions in community members, and lack of website expertise. However, after a full year without regular blog posts, we will be eager to make more posts this summer.

  • Origins of White Supremacy by Brayton Shanley

    It is October 7, 2017, and I am looking out at the crowd of 350 people with about one hundred Native people representing twenty tribes. As Native sisters and brothers drum, dance, sing, give talks, and display their beadwork, I wonder: “How could a scene like this happen at Agape?”

  • Standing at the Sacred Fire Before Dawn by Suzanne Belote Shanley

    We had been communing with local and national Native brothers and sisters for weeks before Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s arrival our 35th Anniversary on Saturday, October 7th, for Agape’s 35th Anniversary when he began his prayerful, meditative morning reflection, standing in headdress and purple shirt.  I was enveloped then and

  • Standing Rock is Everywhere by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Standing Rock, SD

    Blessings and Greetings to each and every one of you.   It’s a great honor to be able to speak to you today.  I live on the Rez, in South Dakota. I come from there to here.  Over a year ago, in August, I was invited to Standing Rock by

  • Listening to Native Voices by Rev. Margaret Bullitt Jonas

    Hundreds of people – including leaders and elders of Native American tribes from across the U.S. – assembled under a large tent at Agape, a Christian community in the woods of central Massachusetts dedicated to social justice, non-violence, and sustainable living. We were there to mark the 35th annual celebration

  • The Power of Female Energy by Elena Creef

    I didn’t know until I arrived at Agape how much I needed to be in the healing company of like-minded individuals in a community devoted to a shared vision of peace and unity. Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson and Peggy McNew were dynamic, amazing, while leading the beautiful water ceremony. There

  • Women Are Keepers of the Water by Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson

    According to the Anishnawve migration story, we always thought the East Coast Indians would come out west to do ceremony with us.  But that never happened.  Agape made this possible for us Indians in the west to come to those in the East, as we wanted them to know that

  • Cangleska Wakan – The Sacred Hoop by George Aguiar

    Recently, in a phone conversation with Suzanne and Brayton, I was sharing with them how wonderful my experience of this St Francis Day ended up being for me, in fact it was somewhat life changing. When they asked if I would write what I felt “drawn to share from my

  • Finding Community by the Water: A Reflection on Saint Francis Day at Agape by Oliver Mesmer

    Agape’s Francis Day brings people together from all for the purpose of peace. I came to help lay the groundwork for the event to run smoothly, arriving, somewhat unprepared, on a Sunday evening a week prior to Francis Day, fresh from a three month adventure in Europe. Adjusting to life