• Give Us a Seat at the Table

    By Julieta Mendoza - Systemic racism has, throughout my whole life, prevented me from being in spaces like this today, from going to college, from feeling like I belong, and from finding people like me who want a revolution!

  • Courage to Change

    by Brenna Cussen - I was beyond impressed that Agape was willing to dive into such a difficult and necessary issue. The diversity of the speakers, musicians, and prayer leaders were a testament not only to the relevance of the topic, but also to Agape's reputation and dedication to building

  • St. Francis Day on Replay

    by Jonathan Betts Fields - Nonviolent love looks like friendship; embrace it and end all the isms. Race justice, lament, and forgiveness mix well with laughter, baked goods and singing.

  • The Mystic’s View

    Book review by Claire Schaeffer-Duffy Robert Thiefels has written a thoughtful and valuable book about consciousness as it pertains to the Christian faith journey. In Standing in the Midst of Grace: Essays on Living in Christ Consciousness, he invites us to look beyond the Jesus we have created in our

  • Challah on Advent Evening

    Since Agape’s Annual Advent Evening falls just before the first night of Hanukkah, we will honor this holiday with two loaves of challah. Challah is a rich, sweet bread eaten on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. For Shabbat, two loaves symbolize the two portions of manna that God to the Hebrews

  • Way More Than A Day

    by George Aguiar - In fact, 28 days.  This year my Francis Day stars aligned in such a way that I’d be spending 28 days at Agape Community in Massachusetts helping to organize Francis Day as I transitioned to midcoast Maine after a summer in Azeitão, Portugal immersed in learning Portuguese and  getting to know the people,

  • Holy Cross Rural Immersion 2018

    The week after Francis Day, Agape facilitated a Rural Immersion for six students from Holy Cross. Intern Aria and Mission Council member Sam assisted for the four days. Following the tradition of Holy Cross Agape Rural Immersions before them, this group stacked nearly a season’s worth of wood in Francis

  • Photos From Francis Day 2018

    As promised, here are some photos from Francis Day 2018, “Confronting Systemic Racism”. All photos taken by David Legg except the last three. Enjoy these scenes from the event. Hover mouse over any photo to see its caption OR click on any photo to go into slide show mode

  • Francis Day 2018

    Francis Day 2018 was attended by over 200 folks, the weather cooperated however could have been a bit warmer but we dawned blankets and spent an important day reflecting on race, peace and hope for our children! Photos Photos From Francis Day 2018 Videos Keynote: PROFESSOR JOHN H. BRACEY JR.

  • Ethnic and Racial Diversity: A Challenge to a White Community

    by Suzanne Belote Shanley (an excerpt from a chapter in Loving Life on the Margins: The Story of the Agape Community by Brayton Shanley and Suzanne Belote Shanley, to be released this fall by Haleys, Athol, MA) Attracting students to Agape from diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds has always been