• Loving Life on the Margins • the story of the Agape community

    40 years of Community, Resistance, Nonviolence and Sustainability. Read "Loving Life on the Margins: The Story of the Agape Community" available now! Order online from our website or download an order form to purchase by mail. The book covers the life of its co-founders, Suzanne and Brayton...

  • Legacy Book Tour: Spring 2020

      Suzanne and Brayton visited….

  • Advent Evening 2019

    Around forty people joined us for this year’s Advent Evening celebration. With song and chant throughout the evening, we stood in silence around the advent fire, witnessed a roleplay of the recent Amazon Synod and shared prayers in the living room, and meditated on sacred objects in the chapel. We

  • The Marvelous Did Happen (Servant Song of Winter 2020 is Released!)

    What follows is the front page of this most recent Servant Song. To find the rest, click here for a pdf version or explore them on the website by clicking here. The Marvelous Did Happen by Suzanne Belote Shanley “…it was/flame and song and granted us/joy, we thought we’d do,

  • The Hope of Divine Love for a Threatened Planet

    by Brayton Shanley We are going to a place in history that we have never been before. Old systems are dying but not without a fight. Authoritarian, political systems based on capitalism and economic empires are savaging the earth and the human family. The moral outrage of extreme income disparities

  • Creative, Resilient Ways to Create Community

    by Stellan Vinthagen I am preoccupied with the contradiction between potential of “people power” and the state of the world today, and am therefore focused on how we can learn from each others’ experiences—both successes and failures—to build on these experiences together. When visiting Brazil, I was inspired by landless

  • Dixon George

    Finding My Way Home

    by Dixon George I have lived at the Agape Community for almost five years and have been unable to produce an account of this time for this publication. Gentle prodding has had no effect at removing whatever blockage has been stopping me. Recently, however, I was asked if I would

  • Celebrating 30 Years of St. Francis Day

    Agape Co-founders Introduce the Day by Nancy James Steve and I are grateful to be here to celebrate 30 years of Francis Days, on this beautiful, sunny, chilly fall day, with trees still filled with green leaves and a few turning gold and red. Many willing hands helped to set

  • Contemplative Surrender and Prophetic Resistance

    by Jim Robinson We gather at Agape today as a community enmeshed in an eco-crisis that is simultaneously a social crisis and a spiritual crisis. The essence of the crisis is broken relationships. We find ourselves in ruptured relationality with the divine, the human community, and the more-than-human world. Our

  • Holy Cross Students Eliza and Charlotte Splitting Wood at the Hermitage

    Wrapped in Hope: College of the Holy Cross at Agape

    by Samantha Leuschner College students in America face unprecedented challenges these days. From increasing tuition costs, mounting student debt, elevated levels of depression and anxiety, endless war, political instability, and of course devastating climate change, young people in college face an unparalleled reality. How does a 20-year-old grasp these realities?

  • The Memorial Tree Pilgrimage: A Walking Tour of the Agape Story

    by Dave Perkins Over the past 20 years, members of the Agape Community have planted thirteen trees at the edge of the woods or in the circle in front of St. Francis House. Each tree memorializes a particularly poignant moment in the life of the community. During the early stages