Volunteer at Agape: A Unique Rural Living Experience

Agape Mission:  Christian Community and Lifestyle

We live in the urgencies of the 21st century. At Agape we seek  to create and to preserve a morally coherent life in fidelity to our faith and to the calling of people of all faiths.  While grounded in the practice of our Catholic Christianity, we experience an affinity and connectedness with sisters and brothers from other faith traditions, and those who follow no particular faith tradition, learning from them and seeking to live in harmony with them. Our mission is five -fold:
  • A commitment to community.
  • A dedication to gospel nonviolence.
  • An effort to live in simply and in voluntary poverty.
  • A daily discipline to a solitary and communal prayer life and Sabbath observance.
  • A dedication to sustainable living upholding the sanctity of all life.
Communal Prayer:  At Agape, the deep stillness of the morning dawn is broken by readings of the Hebrew Scripture and The New Testament, and a meditation at lunch. Silence: The simplest, most honest and direct prayer we pray is the prayer of silence, which we share with many other faith traditions.  In our daily periods of meditation and silence, we seek to become still enough to listen to a speaking God, a voice that is alive in our very midst. Interns and Volunteers: Volunteer at the community for stays that range from one week to six months or longer! College students often volunteer during summer months, semester breaks with some receiving academic credit for independent study.  The community’s main house, Francis House, is the site of frequent days of reflection, prayer, and hospitality for interns, volunteers, and others in need.  Agape’s  hermitage located behind the main house is open for retreats and solitude, those on retreat invited to join us for community prayer and if desired, for vegetarian meals. Living Arrangement:  Volunteers and interns live at Francis House with a room for each person, with vegetarian meals and basic living necessities provided.  A small stipend for long-term interns is sometimes available.