The Creatively Maladjusteds-

Agape’s PostGrad Community

Seeking Peace and Living a Sustainable Life

A Little About Us…

Who Are We?

The Creatively Maladjusteds (named from Martin Luther King’s speech to the American Psychiatric Assosication) community offers ongoing introductions to Agape for those who are finished with college, in grad school or not, but in the age range of 23-35.  Founded in 2009, the group consists of former Agape Interns and volunteers , who hold monthly pot-lucks in Boston, discernment circles, and retreats at Agape focused on Living an Integrated Life of Nonviolent Sustainability.

Excerpts from articles by Creatively Maladjusted members

featured in past issues of The Servant Song

Creatively Maladjusteds: A Fertile Ground to Bloom

 By Becky Perreault

Faith community is a way for individuals to feel supported in a counterculture way of life. Being critical of the status quo does not have to be isolating. It is exhausting to find myself continuously saying no. Finding folks who share similar thoughts on living an intentional, nonviolent life, as an agent of change, has only strengthen my commitment. The Creatively Maladjusteds create a space were more often  than not, I find myself saying yes. As a group, the Creatively Maladjusteds, provide a platform for discussion with which we inspire each other to take leaps into our faith as well as our activism for social justice. We are able to support each other in our journeys to dig deeper and working for the world that we envision.        

Going For It: Latent Hopes and Creative Maladjusteds

 By: Geoff Gusoff

542121_10150689770802218_722592217_9610130_1457530117_n What’s next? It’s hard to say. Creative maladjustment as a guiding concept emerged on an Agape retreat three years ago. Since then, it has attracted interest from young people in a variety of fields who have developed spaces to more deeply engage it. Many come and go given the demands of work, studies, or family, so the future of these particular spaces is uncertain. What is certain is that the spirit of creative maladjustment has struck a chord with a wide variety of people, especially young adults. This latent energy is apparent from the constant influx of new faces to potlucks, retreats, and other “creatively maladjusted” events. A multitude of young people are searching for communities and practices that will enable them to go for it, not in the sense of a Nike “Just Do It” or a cheap carpe diem, but as a radical transformation into a lifestyle of creative maladjustment.   If you would like more information on the Creatively Maladjusteds, please contact Agape.