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Mission and Purpose of the Agape Community

For those who live at Agape and for the extended community, our mission is fourfold:
  •  to live a life of faith, simplicity and nonviolence
  •  to live a life of environmental sustainability
  •  to live a life committed to gospel nonviolence, rooted in daily community prayer
  •  to live a life honoring all faiths and sharing in interfaith liturgical services/practice
Our fidelity to Jesus has a counter-cultural pull to the gospel, demanding that we:
  • live at variance with the popular culture
  • embrace an alternative lifestyle based gospel values of compassion and mercy
  • oppose war and embrace nonviolence
  • live in harmony with the planet and all of its creatures
Our lay Christian (Catholic) prayer life emboldens us to offer hospitality and service to sisters and brothers, especially to the poor, the outcast, the immigrant, to victims of war, those in prison and out, thereby resisting the evils of violence, so prevalent in our culture.

Prayer at Agape

We pray daily together as a community, honoring a contemplative call for periods of silence and meditation. Poetry, music, interfaith readings and celebrations are key to such prayer as we gather at 7:30 am and 12:30 pm daily.

The Voluntary Simplicity

The core community at Agape, Brayton Shanley and Suzanne Belote Shanley, with interns, guests, volunteers and visitors attempt to live the mystery of voluntary poverty as  a core Beatitude, reaching out to the marginalized among us.

Living Sustainably; Living Green; Living in Harmony with the Cosmos

Reverencing the earth is the art and practice of living as devoted steward of God’s green earth.  We endeavor to respect and love Mother Earth as a “thou” and not to plunder the planet as if the Earth were an “it.”

Vegetarian Diet and Organic Gardening

At Agape, we follow a simple vegetarian diet, fasting periodically to cleanse and rest our bodies, spending time in the hermitage on the Sabbath.  We grow our own food, harvest and freeze our vegetables for nourishment throughout the year.

Resistance and Witness in the World

  •  Agape’s co-founders live below taxable income to withdraw support of taxes for war
  • Civil Disobedience is part of our lives when called to resist war, pollution of our planet, nuclear energy and power, the death penalty and all forms of oppression


Interfaith tree planting for Suad Kader, wife of Sabah (far right) Ali, and Omar