• St. Joseph’s in June

      It was a Thursday in June when the group from St. Joseph’s college arrived, and with many gifts of delicious food. They were to stay until Sunday, the morning after the Work Day. During that time, we worked to gather and split cords for the coming seasons. In between,

  • Stonehill in the Spring

    Just recently, in the beautiful spring weather, Agape had the pleasure of hosting a memorable group of Stonehill College for the 8th consecutive year for a Rural Immersion. Upon arriving, the tour of our community would strike up interests in the environmental majors and foreign majors alike, which would later

  • Agape Visit to Paul Hood

    Suzanne and Brayton visit Paul Hood, long-time Quaker activist and co-founder of Alanthus: nonviolent witness for Peace.  

  • Agape Easter Vigil

    Easter Vigil with Bonfire and Mass with Father Fred Enman SJ from Boston College School of Law                               Resurrection mode: singing and celebrating after Mass at Agape on Holy Saturday!

  • Brandeis University Rural Immersion!

    Brandeis University students prepare Agape Grounds for summer planting!!

  • Agape at Fordham and the Native Nations Rising March

    Brayton and Suzanne were invited to Fordham University to speak in classes taught by Eric Martin, who just edited a book of letters of Dan and Phil Berrigan, called The Berrigan Letters.  Eric’s class was a diverse one, with continuing ed students who listened attentively to two guys from the

  • A Pilgrimage to Standing Rock: “After 500 Years of Oppression, All We Have Left Is Love” by Brayton Shanley

    Suzanne informs me that long-time activist friend, Hattie Nestel, called. “She wants to send straw bales to Standing Rock for Tepee insulation. Can you find her some straw bales?” Hattie’s request is in support of the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota, established by the Sioux Indian tribe to oppose the

  • After Images of Historic Protests

    It takes a very good reason to get us to Washington, DC to protest these days.  I do my protesting closer to home in Central Massachusetts.  But for Donald Trump’s inaugural, we just had to be there to stand against this dangerous and tragic farce.  So, down we went for

  • Trump’s Inaugural Witness with Answer Coalition and The Women’s March in Washington DC January 20-21, 2017

    Our first steps towards the Inaugural Protests were ones of staring into the unknown at 5am, departing from the home of friends in Cheverly, MD, taking a subway to the Naval Memorial, to the day of Donald Trump’s abomination.  It is still difficult to write or say these words.  Jane

  • Servant Song Agape Community Darkness Descends

    Darkness Descends – by Brayton Shanley

    After voting for local candidates, I spent the remainder of Election Day fasting alone in our hermitage. I sought relief from the hellish fixation of a presidential campaign.  The next morning, I came down at 5am to drive to Boston to be in a meeting supporting our Iraqi Family with