• I Began to See with My Own Eyes by Christopher Aaron

    I Began to See with My Own Eyes by Christopher Aaron I began to see with my own eyes that what I was being told was far from what I was actually experiencing, having two diverse sets of experiences. I came to a conclusion that we cannot change ideologi­cal radicals

  • Drone Witness at Hancock Drone Base: Presente Jerry Berrigan by Ellen Grady

      Life size cardboard images of Jerry Berrigan, arrested with protesters at Hancock Drone Base, Syracuse, NY. Drone Witness at Hancock Drone Base: Presente Jerry Berrigan by Ellen Grady We come to the gates of Hancock Drone Base today to install a memorial of Jerry Berrigan. Jerry Berrigan, who died

  • Will Agape Enter the Next Axial Age? by Brayton Shanley

    “Have you ever heard of Wayne Teasdale?” I asked newly arrived Matt Riddle, an intern in his late twenties. I was pointing to a photograph of Wayne and Bede Griffiths, Benedictine monk who went to India as an experiment in Hindu Christian community. In the photo, Bede was celebrating a

  • Breathe Deep the Absurdities of the Day – by Brayton Shanley

    Often, when I looked into Dan Berrigan’s deep-souled eyes, I could sense the pain of the world. The phrase that captures this is Paul’s letter to the Corinthians: “When I am weak, I am strong.” In the early 1990’s, Suzanne and I met with a group of peacemakers including Dan,

  • Now That You Are Gone: Memories of Daniel Berrigan, SJ, by Suzanne Shanley

    Now That You Are Gone: Memories of Daniel Berrigan, SJ by Suzanne Shanley For months we expected word of Daniel Berrigan’s death. Because he was both a mentor and spiritual guide, Dan’s passing was on my mind. Several weeks before he died I sent him a birthday card, a small,

  • Living Community: Call, Covenant and Change by Suzanne Shanley

    In my prayer, I try to imagine Jesus speaking to me as he spoke to Saint Paul, saying “Take Courage.”  (Acts 23:11)  This visualization consoles and challenges simultaneously.  On the one hand, I know that I must live tenaciously and I will have God’s support; on the other, I have

  • Voices – from Various Contributors

    Day Awakening: Sabbath – At 5:00 AM five plan­ets were aligned in the Southeastern sky. Barb and I both watched. I believe that Mercury was not visible, hiding behind the mountains. Venus was a most brilliant orb, like a diamond, shining brighter than all the other early morning heavenly bodies. To

  • Come See Bears and the Beautiful Agape Garden…

    This morning during daily prayer, Suzanne, Brayton and Dixon were treated to a black bear sighting! The hungry fellow was tempted by a bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds and grabbed it right off its hook! But, as Brayton observed, thought it was too heavy to carry off and soon

  • Scenes from the Wake and Funeral of Daniel Berrigan

    This past week, Suzanne and Brayton traveled down to New York to celebrate the life of Daniel Berrigan. You can watch part of the service here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0zsj_skSs0&sns=fb From the post-funeral walk, where the streets of New York City were filled with people from all over the world celebrating priest, poet and prophet Daniel

  • Iona College Students at Agape

    This past weekend Agape hosted a wonderful group of students from Iona College. As well as working around the homestead, they were lucky to be visited by Alicen Roberts, former Agape intern and current Mission Council member, who led them in meditation with music and drumming, as well as former