• Advent Evening: Dec. 10th 5:30pm

     Please join us for our annual Advent Evening Gathering Sat. Dec. 10th at 5:30 pm There will be a vegetarian pot-luck, music, poetry, prayer, book signing & bonfire  The homily will be given by Eileen Markey author of newly released biography: A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sr. Maura  Eileen Markey, a journalist who

  • Listening to Muslim Voices Recap

  • Oct. 21-23 Wells Beach Retreat of Beverly Chapter of Pax Christi led Brayton Shanley after reading his book: The Many Sides of Peace

    by Jane Cadarette Our weekend turned out to be an intimate gathering of 6 counting our leader. Our days were filled with prayer, silence, meditation, presentation, reflecting and sharing our thoughts and feelings in discussion.  We attended Mass at the Holy Spirit Church on Sat. afternoon at 4 p.m.  (It was known as

  • War Tax Resistance Retreat at Agape Sat. Oct. 14-16th

    New England War Tax Resisters and supporters traditionally gather each fall for a weekend of sharing stories and strategies, and supporting one another in our nonviolent resistance to militarism. At last year’s gathering we decided to approach the Resistance Studies Initiative at the University of Massachusetts in hopes of working with

  • Alicen Roberts Receives the 2016 John Leary Youth Peacemaker Award

    On October 22nd Alicen Roberts of Agape’s Mission Council received the John Leary Youth Peacemaker Award from Pax Christi at St. Susanna’s in Dedham.  The award was presented by Bob Wegener, also a long-standing Agape member.  What follows; Alicen reflects on Agape & Agape reflects on Alicen. I am blessed

  • Holy Cross 2016

    Holy Cross College has been sending students to Agape’s Rural Immersion Program for five years.  We have been enriched by their steady spirit of hard work, prayer, music and prayer.  This year, under some great rain, students worked on harvesting the summer crops, hauling, splitting and stacking wood for the

  • Muslim voices in Ware speak of Syrian war’s horrors – WORCESTER T&G

    WARE – The lit, unheated tent set up at the Agape Community for an event in chilly temperatures Saturday is more than some Syrian children have for shelter as that try to survive in a war zone, speaker Nadia Alawa said. Ms. Alawa, founder and president of Nu Day Syria,

  • Francis Day

    Comments from Agape’s Francis Day 2016: “Listening to Muslim Voices in an Election Year”    Many thanks for gathering all of us for the noble cause of peace. Thank you for showing love and compassion to the attendees from other faiths. Thank you and God bless you. Kashif Syed   On Oct..

  • Beautiful Summer and Peace Walk in Boston

    This summer, Agape was invited to a peace rally titled: “Boston Remembers”, organized by the Massachusetts Peace Action group (www.masspeaceaction.org). In Boston, hundreds of social justice seekers gathered to remember those who were taken from us in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and most recently, the people involved in shootings

  • Summer Heat and Tasty Treats

    This summer is hot, hot, hot, but this does not bring our hopes down at Agape. Not even this drought, the worst drought New England has seen, can dampen our spirits. We want to thank everyone who comes to help our community! We have welcomed many interns including Chelsea, Libbie,