• Responses to Francis Day: Listening to MuslimVoices in an Election Year, 2016

    Mohammad Saleem Bajwa,  Islamic Society of Western Mass Members of The Islamic Society of Western MA, participated in the educational, enjoyable and very productive program that was in line with the great story of St. Francis, and the Sultan, Malik-al-Kamil.  (The Saint and the Sultan by Paul Moses– little known

  • Networking With Nature – by Pat Tracy

    This past wood harvest and workday at Agape in June brought many volunteers to work together, stacking large piles of wood that will dry and be used to heat and cook throughout the coming year.  A team of terrific students from St. Joseph’s College requested to go to Agape couple

  • The Wisdom of Generations by Nicholas Hagens

    I arrived at Agape on the Feast Day of St. Francis, October 4th, fresh from four years at L’Arche in Tacoma, WA, an international federation of communities for people with and without disabilities.  I expected to spend a month learning about sustainability.  I have indeed learned a lot about care

  • Alicen Roberts Recipient Pax Christi Massachusetts John Leary Youth Peacemaker Award

    Alicen’s reflections on her peace journey I have been a part of the wider Agape Community (family, really) since 2009 when I glanced at an Agape poster while sipping from a water fountain during my sophomore year at Smith College. I like to think that this must have been holy

  • Review: Nothing Is Impossible: Stories from the Life of a Catholic Worker by Scott Schaeffer-Duffy

    I asked an intern who had lived in Catholic Workers out West what he liked about the Worker.  He responded thoughtfully:  “It’s just so comprehensive.”  The lives of Catholic Workers, Scott and Claire Schaeffer-Duffy are precisely that–comprehensive.  They have cared much and have lived their beliefs across so many disciplines

  • Voices from the Community – Servant Song – v25n2

    I was greatly dismayed when I brought your flier for Francis Day, to my parish’s Spiritual Life Committee Meeting and was met with much anti-Muslim criticism, including the pastor saying that I could not post the flier in the church as he doesn’t deal with anything “political.” Claudia McNeil is

  • Community News – Servant Song v25n2

    News Notes Cornelia Sullivan resigned from 20 years of service on Agape’s Mission Council.  We will always hold her as member for life, as she has dedicated nearly 40 years to Agape, from child-care for Teresa when we were building Francis House, to her support and lively activism against the

  • My Most Recent Comments from Standing Rock

    Chiefs who lead ceremonies and chanting say: “We are here to care.”  No alcohol or drugs allowed, and elders speaking of this.  Many of the noble elders give the teachings in headdress and lead the moral reflections. The orientation was three hours long.  All day long I hear chanting. It’s

  • Agape Supports Standing Rock

    Local Peacemakers from the Agape Community Brayton Shanley in Hardwick, MA, Tim Bullock of The Peace Pagoda in Leverett, MA and Nelia Sargent, NH deliver a truckload of 237 straw bales for buildings during the harsh winter months, to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota, in solidarity with

  • Saint Anselm College Rural Immersion at Agape October 4th-6th

    For the first time Agape welcomed students from St.  Anselm College, Brayton’s Alma Mater (Class of ’67). Brayton shared the narrative of Joe McDonald, Philosophy Chair at St. Anselm from the 60’s to the 80’s, who was a former Catholic Worker (dating back to the 1930’s).  He invited Dorothy Day