• Like a Horse and Carriage by Fr. John Sullivan MS

    After over a year of not seeing one another, I was grateful for the opportunity to visit recently with my good friends Suzanne and Brayton. Our friendship goes back more than 25 years when I would stop at Agape during my visits home to the States while working as a

  • Making Mundane Moments Meaningful by Kelton Tupper

    Much of my two months spent at Agape have been mundane, and I mean that in the best possible way. I have spent most of my life in the hustle and bustle of a D.C. suburb. Things are fast paced, and there is always something going on. Any break in

  • Voices of Agape

    Sarah Kothe, Boston College grad, 2012 writes six years later of internship at Agape This letter to Agape has been percolating in my mind for some time now. I was an Agape intern in 2011 with Erica and the two lassies from Ireland. That summer was a formative experience in

  • Samah from Aleppo

    A Plea for Samah, an Aspiring Architect from Aleppo, Syria by Kate Carew

    I’m writing today to ask your support through prayer, a donation, or spreading the word for Samah, age 19, from Aleppo Syria, whom after my own prayer and discernment, I decided to host through a crowdfunding campaign, via a non-profit called Humanwire, a 501(c)3 with a U.S. base in Colorado. 

  • Guests Dawn & Guillaume

    Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting two fantastic guests, Guillaume (of France), and Dawn- local of Barre, who worked in the office of the Insight Meditation Society now moving onto her spiritual journey across the world. Guillaume had sampled the sounds of New York on his way here,

  • St. Suzanne’s in June

      When the group from St. Suzanne’s arrived, we had welcomed them with a snack and a warm discussion about each of our connections to environmental consciousness. After we got acquainted, there was a tour of the Straw Bale House (St. Brigid) where the power system was explained, given that

  • Work Day, June 10th

    Today, on June 10th as the college group from St. Joseph’s was still here, Bill Toller and a number of other people involved in Just Faith showed up in Bill’s Toyota Tacoma, which came in very handy! With that, we transferred many piles of wood from down the road. Mike Hope

  • St. Joseph’s in June

      It was a Thursday in June when the group from St. Joseph’s college arrived, and with many gifts of delicious food. They were to stay until Sunday, the morning after the Work Day. During that time, we worked to gather and split cords for the coming seasons. In between,

  • Stonehill in the Spring

    Just recently, in the beautiful spring weather, Agape had the pleasure of hosting a memorable group of Stonehill College for the 8th consecutive year for a Rural Immersion. Upon arriving, the tour of our community would strike up interests in the environmental majors and foreign majors alike, which would later

  • Agape Visit to Paul Hood

    Suzanne and Brayton visit Paul Hood, long-time Quaker activist and co-founder of Alanthus: nonviolent witness for Peace.